January 21, 2018


People who bet on the result of sporting fixtures can be fairly clearly divided into two separate categories, those who bet occasionally and those who bet regularly.

Punters all bet with the same object in view —to WIN!

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The person who has an occasional investment on a horse or a game usually does so for reasons other than that they, personally  believe the horse or game they have placed a bet on will actually win.

Their betting is more often associated with a day or night outing, more for the entertainment, than the actual betting, or an odd investment on a big event such as the Melbourne Cup, or again, a single bet based on the advice of a friend, or because they are supporters of a team and therefore must not back against their own team, however absurd that is in terms of actual probability of a win.

Very few people have the time to make a careful study of all the factors involved in a race which would enable them to select with a sufficient degree of accuracy the most likely winner.

Consequently they tend to follow some pattern of selection provided by either newspaper tipsters, radio and television broadcasters assessments, often a particular jockey or just follow the favourites.

Each of these methods of selection has equal merit as it is a natural assumption that the people providing this information are experts in their chosen profession as sports writers and commentators.

regular punter should be more informed about the bets they place, given they are essentially building their own form guide in their brain and should therefore be more likely to improve their chances of a win.

However , this is not so as most regular punters are still influenced by commentary, news stories, tipsters, so called ‘winning betting systems' and other influences that will tarnish their real probability of a win.

A regular punter may well know much more about the horse, greyhound, trotter or sport they are betting on than the occasional punter but these influences still effect their winning outcome.



In terms of actual numbers of people betting , more have done so with the TAB than with an on-course bookmaker.

TAB's are readily available in pubs throughout the land and in agencies located in towns and suburbs within Australian cities.

However in the past ten years we have seen a vast advancement in technology with the internet and smartphones and punters are now embracing this technology and betting with online corporate bookmakers.

Many regular investors follow numbers, either as single investments for a win or a place, by combining two or a series of numbers on the Daily Double, and with greyhound events follow box numbers closely.

There is a fair degree of logic in following numbers, due to the consistency in the method used to allocate the numbers. It is also much easier to note how often a particular number wins or is placed and so bet on these numbers with the knowledge they will receive regular winning dividends when these numbers are successful.

It would not be possible to predict when any particular number will win, there is nevertheless a degree of consistency in how often over a given period of time each number does win.

The Regular Punter